Get out of your head & into your Real Confidence

A common obstacle to self confidence is worrying about what others think of us.    the drop in confidence begins inside our heads with a thought: “What will they think?”  “What will they say?”  “What will they do?”

Your Real Confidence is Your SuperPower!

These thoughts are like reverse superpowers – they are powerful enough to trigger feelings which turn into behaviors (inc. actions and body postures).  When we are in our heads worrying about what others think we literally begin to make ourselves as small and as quiet as possible.  This is in order to avoid being vulnerable – what we imagine people might think about us or do to us.

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Knowing that Eleanor Roosevelt is right (that most people are really not thinking about you as much as you imagine) is not the same as knowing how to control the link between your confidence and your thoughts.

The Real Confidence workshop helps you to understand a how your thought are linked to feelings of confidence; you experience how the way you think affects how you feel and both in turn are expressed non-verbally through your body postures, speech and actions.  Using improv and facilitation you experience how managing one of these aspects of yourself (your thoughts or your feelings or your body postures) changes the others.  You get real and immediate feedback through your own body and mind about how to immediately recover Real Confidence.

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