Affirm Your Confidence

The unconscious mind is very susceptible to suggestion.  That’s how and why hypnosis works, and our habitual thoughts are like self-hypnosis.  The good news is that we can use this suggestibility to make positive changes in our lives.

Here are two suggestions:

  1. Make a list of your strengths, talents, and accomplishments.  Everyone has their own talents and abilities, of you look carefully.  We often over-value the things others can do that we can’t, but undervalue the things that come easy to us and assume everyone can do it.  It’s not true – you are unique.   Be honest with yourself and list your skills, talents and abilities.   The read from this list daily to remind you of your uniqueness, your value and your positive strengths.
  2. Write affirmations around the things you would like to achieve.  Here are some examples –  “I am at ease when surrounded by strangers”, or “I am willing and excited to try new things” or “I am comfortable saying no people”.  You will know the affirmations that you need.   Then repeat them out loud every day, morning.

Our unconscious mind tends to believe the messages it is constantly exposed to. So your confidence is influenced tremendously by your daily thoughts, especially recurring thoughts. Consistency is key to lasting change. If you want to be more confident, make a habit of reminding yourself of your unique gifts and abilities.

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