Real Presence for Counsellors & Psychotherapist

REAL PRESENCE is a CPD workshop for counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists, in clinical practice and in training.

Research* indicates that the quality of the relationship between therapist and client matters more than the therapist’s modality / approach.

Yet working relationally can prove difficult in practice. Clients are unpredictable and events in our own lives may bring challenges which affect relational contact and impact therapeutic outcomes.

In training and in supervision we are encouraged to explore and hone our abilities to be present to the interpersonal dynamics of our relationships with clients, moment by moment, session after session. But no matter how much we read and write about being relationally present there’s a gap between theory and the lived experience.

REAL PRESENCE is a 1-day experiential workshop which combines improvisation, fun and theory to help you to bridge that gap.

REAL PRESENCE will help you cultivate attunement, and feel more connected and confident working with interpersonal dynamics.  You will learn to use improvisational tools to strengthen your relational capacity.

Join us at our next REAL PRESENCE 1-day workshop on June 3rd in Birmingham.

*Lynch, Margaret McCoy, “Factors Influencing Successful Psychotherapy Outcomes” (2012). Master of Social Work Clinical Research Papers. Paper 57.