How to improve your confidence – sit up and take notice!

Sit up, stand tall in your confidenceSo many words about how we feel have a physical aspect – over the moon, down in the dumps, under the weather.  How we feel, how we think and how we hold ourselves are intimately inter-connected, and this shows up in how we express confidence.

A well-known TED talk by Amy Cuddy talks about how two minutes of “power poses” increases levels of testosterone and decreases levels of cortisol in the brain.  Stress decreases, confidence rises. It also changes how people perceive you.

There’s also research showing that the connection between how we feel and our facial expression is two-way, not one-way.  We can affect how we feel literally putting on a happy or sad face, and this in turn will affect our bodies and our thought process.

There are many ways to tackle poor self-confidence.  One is just to, as Amy Cuddy says, “fake it until you become it”.  Sit up, stand tall, put on a confident face and body, and it will eventually become who you are!

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