Get Real: Achieve What Really Matters in Life.

Right Here Right Now workshops, courses and events help individuals, groups and organizations to raise their impact, influence and creativity.

Everything we do is designed to raise your awareness of how to shift beyond your comfort zone to achieve what really matters in life.

For lasting impact we embed fun and play in the learning environment, so that learning is both enjoyable and long-lasting.

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Real ConfidenceReal Confidence

Genuine confidence is not something fixed. Self-confidence is linked to how we think, feel and see ourselves. It’s not a permanent personality trait or an enduring characteristic. Your own brand of confidence is unique to you and it comes from being yourself – not who you think you ‘should’ be.

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Real ImpactReal Impact

Your Real Impact is your ability to be confident and at ease in who you really are in more situations, with more people more of the time.

Your Real Impact is not a performance or a ‘front’, it is your capacity to be present, real and engaged in what is really going on around you, moment by unfolding moment.

To discover and experience your ability and capacity to have Real Impact professionally and personally we offer two one-to-one packages:


Real Presence for Counsellors and Psychotherapists Real Presence

Real Presence is a workshop for counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists in clinical practice and in training.

As therapists we are taught about the importance of the therapeutic relationship. In training and in supervision we are encouraged to explore and hone our abilities to be present to the interpersonal dynamics of our relationships with clients, moment by moment, session after session. But matter how much we read and write about being relationally present there’s a gap between theory and the lived experience.

Real Presence is a 2 day experiential workshop which combines improvisation, fun and theory to help you to bridge that gap.

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